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Efficient use of resources, avoiding or minimizing waste generation as much as possible, avoiding waste, separate collection of wastes and recycling these wastes into energy sources, therefore to prevent a situation that will harm the environment is the main point of the Zero Waste project. İn summary, zero waste is a major reduction in the amount of garbage from our home or our workplaces.

Global warming, environmental threatening industrialization and structuring have made it necessary for us to take some measures for our future. İt is possible to leave a much cleaner world to future generations with a few simple measures that we take both at the institutional and individual levels.

The destruction of the wastes without going into the recycling process will cause the natural resources to be consumed more quickly than it should and the serious environmental and resource problems will arise for the coming years. For this reason, it is of great importance to use existing natural resources in an efficient and planned way and to re-involve the wastes that are generated and to be reintroduced into production.

Advantages of Zero Waste Equipment;

  • İncreasing the efficiency,
  • İncreasing the performance due to the clean environment,
  • Reducing costs as waste is avoided,
  • Reducing environmental risks,
  • Ensuring that employees have a sensitive consumer feeling as they contribute to the development of environmental protection consciousness within the organization,
  • Ensuring that the institution has the title of (environmentalist) in national and international markets, thus increasing its prestige.